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Flower Meaning

Unlock the mystery of flowers and send an extra special message! Many popular flowers have a unique meaning, below we’ve listed several. Now you can create a gift with even more meaning.

Amaryllis – Pastoral poetry.

Aster – Daintiness & love. Fidelity.

Azalea – Take care of yourself for me. Fragile passion.

Bells of Ireland – Good luck.

Bittersweet – Truth.

Cactus – Endurance.

Camellia – Admiration. Perfection.

Cattail – Peace. Prosperity.

Chrysanthemum – Cheerfulness & rest. You’re a wonderful friend.

Chrysanthemum (red) – Love. Good luck & best wishes.

Chrysanthemum (white) – Truth.

Chrysanthemum (yellow) – Slighted love.

Daffodil – Regard. You’re the only one.

Daisy – Innocence. Purity. Gentleness. Loyal love.

Delphinium – Open heart. Ardent attachment.

Gardenia – You’re lovely. Secret love.

Gladiolus – Remembrance. Sincerity.

Heather – Admiration. Solitude.

Hyacinth (purple) – I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

Hyacinth (pink) – Play.

Hyacinth (white) – Loveliness. I’ll pray for you.

Hydrangea – Thank you for understanding.

Iris – Faith. Hope. Wisdom & valor. My compliments.

Ivy – Wedded love. Fidelity. Affection.

Larkspur – Lightness & swiftness.

Lily (general) – Purity of the heart.

Lily (calla) – Beauty.

Lily (tiger) – Wealth.

Lily (white) – Innocence & purity. Sweetness. Majesty.

Lily (yellow) – Gratitude & gaiety.

Lily of the Valley – Sweetness. Return to happiness. Humility.

Magnolia – Nobility.

Mistletoe – Kiss me. Affection. To surmount difficulties.

Orchid – Love. Beauty. Refinement. Wisdom.

Orchid (cattleya) – Mature charm.

Peony – Happy marriage.

Petunia – Your presence soothes me.

Poppy – Eternal sleep. Imagination.

Primrose – I can’t live without you.

Rose (bridal) – Happy love.

Rose (coral) – Desire.

Rose (dark pink) – Thankfulness.

Rose (dark crimson) – Mourning.

Rose (lavender) – Enchantment. Love at first sight.

Rose (peach) – Modesty.

Rose (orange) – Fascination. Enthusiasm.

Rose (red) – I love you. Respect.

Rose (pale pink) – Grace. Joy. Admiration.

Rose (white) – Innocence. Spiritual love & purity.

Rose (yellow) – Joy & gladness. Friendship.

Snapdragon – Gracious. Fascinating. Protection from evil.

Stock – Bonds of affection. Promptness.

Stephanotis – Happiness in marriage. Desire to travel.

Sunflower – Power. Warmth. Nourishment.

Tulip (general) – Gift from a perfect lover. Love.

Tulip (red) – Irresistible love. Believe me. Declaration of love.

Tulip (yellow) – Hopeless love.

Violet – Faithfulness. Modesty.

Zinnia (mixed) – Thinking of an absent friend

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