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Floral Art Article

Floral Art and Great Taste

“Imagination without Barriers”

The international well known floral art designer Ivan Garcia, always delights us with his creations from his shop “Poinciana Flowers” located on 65 Curtiss Parkway in Miami Springs where behind his windows we can be enlightened by his little palace of flowers and we can view how all his sophisticated work is done.

Ivan was the founder of the creative concept and Director of Captiva Arte Floral at The Intercontinetal Tamanaco Hotel in Caracas Venezuela and Flower Tech Florist Design at the Eurobuilding Hotel in Caracas,Venezuela, also Lirios Flower Design in Coral Gables, FL. And now is Poinciana Flowers located in Miami Springs, Fl.

He is characterized by his great taste and personal touch that he gives in every floral composition that he creates. All of his floral designs created for principal halls and grand hotels as well as restaurants allow others to develop great passion for his art.

Since 1994, Ivan is a top designer in many competitions of Floral Design.

With frequency he worked for great fashion designers like: Carolina Herrera, Margarita Zingg, Raenrra, Hugo Espina, and Angel Sanchez as well as customers like reporter MariaElena Salinas (Univision), reporter and author Maria Antonieta Collins (Univision). The Salvatierra family, Cisneros family, Md.Mr and Mrs Peñalver, Silvia and Lourdes Leon, Commerce Bank, The Bank of Miami.

Ivan also made floral arrangements for Television networks like Univision, Telemundo studios and Channel 4 for different occasions. Sysco Food of Florida, Ocean Club Towers Key Biscayne and more.

“From the simplest to the most luxurious weddings it’s my specialty to care for them. I travel from the main ballrooms in the country and eventually to others around the globe” Stated Ivan.


Question: How did you initiate your interest in the floral art field?

Ivan: When I began to discover my attraction for the art, painting and flowers in specific, I observed that it was something like magic that flowed from my mind to my hands and I then spontaneously created a beautiful floral composition.

Spending a season in New York with great friends, a famous interior designer Gaston L. Herrera and the architect Juan Carlos Diaz Bajares, gathered information so I can take a summer course of “Windows and Floral Design.”

That’s how I stepped in through the doors of Parson School of Design NY.

Question: Apart from the gift of creativity that God gave you, what have you taken in from your floral art studies?

Ivan: I realized in the school “Escuela Iberoamericana de Arte Floral” (EIAF) in Caracas, Venezuela the technical courses for florist. Later I took a course that we call “las amplicaciones” (translated: the amplifications) for professional florists.

Therefore, to professionalize in the art of floral design was a goal for me. A European winter day took me to the German, French, Holland and especially Spaniard Floral Art schools, where I was learning from the best professors like Jose M Gonzalez (EEAF), Antonio Hernandez (EEAF), Kike Leon (ECAF) and the extraordinary Master Flower Designer Gregor Lersch (Germany)

Then after learning the theories and after listening to the lectures my professors would give me in the classrooms, all of the students including myself went to a wonderful garden within the school and put together our knowledge to create beautiful art.

The creativity, imagination, and adrenaline would stir up to maximum potential. Our school was very medieval-like. Its halls, staircases, and patios were decorated with wonderful floral designs. I don’t have words to describe the amount of talent, “My admiration and respect.”

Ivan was a part of the Venezuelan Floral Association and is the Public Relations Secretary. He also received a “Top Honor” reward in the Floral Industry here in the United States named FTD (Flower Transworld Delivery) and TELEFLORA. He participates in annual conventions that are presented all over the United States.

He was invited by the FTD Ambassador to create floral demonstrations in different countries. His art was shown in Central and South America as well as Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

One of the most satisfying arts that he created was for a wedding fashion show that he was invited to do by the President and First Lady of Colombia. The benefits of the show was for all of the kids with cancer.

To finalize this article, Ivan wants to take advantage of this opportunity to thank everyone that helped him initiate his passion for the floral arts day by day. To special thank his Mother, friends, colleagues, assistants and employees that have helped him persevere his passion for the floral art but mostly, he wants to thank his faithful clients because without them, Poinciana Flowers wouldn’t be at it’s highest point.

Thank you,

Ivan Garcia


65 Curtiss Parkway, Miami Springs, Fl 33166

(305) 885-8218 Fax (305) 885-8049

*Article courtesy of River Cities Gazette

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