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Deal of the Day

The deal of the day allows you to choose an arrangement with a price that fit
your budget. Our designers will create a one-of-a-kind arrangement
with the freshest and most beautiful flowers available!
Select from the following deals and call us to place an order.
All deal orders are a designer choice of flowers that will meet
your arrangement price. Tax & delivery are not included in price.

DEAL #1: $45.00

DEAL#2: $55.00

DEAL#3: $75.00

DEAL#4: $100.00

DEAL#5: $150.00



Make your arrangement even more festive with balloons.
(Mylar or latex balloons available; balloon prices may vary.)


Make your arrangement even more memorable with an adorable
stuffed animal. (Color, type and price may vary.)


Make your arrangement even sweeter with the gift of chocolate.
(Flavor, brands and price  may vary. Some chocolates may include nuts.)

To make an order, please call us at (305) 885-8218, send us a fax at

(305) 885-8049 or pass by our store at 65 Curtiss Parkway, Miami Springs, FL 33166.

*For Store hours, Delivery Policy & more visit our “About Us” Section

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